Why Do We Use Chlorine to Clean Pools?

If you’ve ever gone swimming and come out with a head full of green hair, then you probably already know that nearly every pool and spa uses chlorine to keep the water clean. But why exactly is chlorine the chemical of choice when it comes to keeping our jacuzzis and custom swimming pools in Berks County safe and clean?

Chlorine is used in swimming pools as a chemical reactant that works by a relatively simple mechanism to break down bacteria that thrive in warm water; these bacteria are more often than not dangerous to humans, so it’s important that swimming pool owners use chemicals to kill them before taking a dip. When a chlorine solution is dissolved in pool water, the solution breaks down into a number of different chemicals, the most important of which are hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and the hypochlorite ion (OCl-). Both HOCL and OCL- work by directly attacking the lipids in the cell walls of harmful microorganisms and bacteria. The chemicals absorb into the bacteria and oxidize their inner structures, rendering them harmless and unable to hurt anyone swimming in the jacuzzi or pool.

The difference between HOCL and OCL- are the speeds at which they are able to kill bacteria. While HOCL can oxidize in a matter of seconds, OCL- can take up to thirty minutes to finish the job. This means that if you have drained your pool, not chlorinated the water for a few months due to disuse, or are undergoing swimming pool renovations in Lehigh County, you’ll need to wait at least thirty minutes after mixing in your chlorine solution before you can safely go swimming.

While chlorine is a necessity to keeping your pool safe and healthy, too much chlorine can damage your health. Be sure to watch the amount of chlorine that you’re pouring in, and do not use more than the recommended amount.

Here at Carlton Pools, we not only design and install your pool, but we also make sure that your pool stays healthy throughout its lifespan. Whether you need renovations, are looking to add features, or need cleaning services, we’re your go-to company! To learn more about maintaining your pool, contact us at 888-372-0102.

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