What to Do When Your Child is Afraid of the Pool

As a parent, you probably understand that one of the most important skills people need to survive is the ability to swim. Even if you don’t live near the ocean or a lake, being able to swim can be a vital asset in the event of a flood, hurricane, or another type of emergency. Teaching your children to swim can be a frustrating process, especially if your child is not receptive to the idea of putting their heads under water. If you have a child who is afraid of your community pool, backyard pool, or custom swimming pools in Chester County, take our steps for helping to encourage them to enter the water without fear.

Swim with them. The best way to show your child that the pool is not scary is to enjoy it yourself! Take your child out to your pool, and allow him or her to watch you swim before encouraging them to take a step into the water as well. Your child idolizes you, so they will be much more likely to take a risk and enter the pool if they see that you have no fear of the water.

Ask them why they’re afraid. Many children may have very valid reasons for not wanting to go into the pool. Some pools can have gutter damage that makes loud noises that you may not even be aware of, which can frighten small children. Listen to your child, and take regular looks at your pool to determine if you need swimming pool renovations in Lehigh County.

Go with private swimming lessons. In a group swim class, teachers have to split their attention between multiple pupils; they simply don’t have the time to give individual encouragement to a child that’s afraid of the water. Choosing private swim lessons (or providing them yourself) is a great way for a nervous child to get the one-on-one attention that he or she needs.

Teaching a scared child how to swim can be a taxing process for parents who know that there’s nothing to fear. However, by taking time to see things from your child’s point of view, you can help them to overcome their fear in no time. To learn more about maintaining your custom swimming pool, contact us at 888-372-0102.

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