Pool Features to Add to Your Summer Getaway


This summer, turn your home into your own private oasis! As summer arrives, more and more people are calling on swimming pool contractors in Berks County to help give them the pool of their dreams. With the right add-ons, you won’t ever feel the need to leave your home for a vacation! Renovating the pool this summer? Consider adding these features, and turn your backyard into your own summer getaway.

  • Poolside fountains. Poolside fountains give your pool a touch of elegance and decadence – perfect for summer! Swimming pool builders in Berks County can even outfit your pool with lighting, leaving you with a dramatic and luxurious look at nighttime. If you frequently host parties or outdoor gatherings, or if you simply enjoy using your pool at night, a fountain is a must-have for the perfect summer oasis.
  • Baja steps.Have you considered adding a Baja step to your pool’s design? Sometimes called a tanning shelf or a Cabo step, the Baja step is an in-ground, small shallow section of the pool that “steps” off into a deeper zone. Perfect for people who want to work on their tans this summer and kids who aren’t ready to embrace the water without inner tubes, a Baja step gives you the option to wet your feet without diving headfirst in.
  • Sheetfalls. Largely considered a more beautiful and luxe option when compared to rock waterfalls, sheetfalls are waterfalls in which water forms a beautiful, thin arch before cascading into the rest of your pool. Sheetfalls are the perfect aesthetic touch for those who enjoy the sounds of running water but don’t like the look of or have room for a large rock waterfall.
  • Gushers. If you have kids, chances are they’ve begged you for a gusher (or “deck jet”) before. Gushers are small sprayers that send a stream of water into the air – perfect for kids to play in. When it’s time for adult swim, they can even be turned off at will – leaving you with a kid-friendly zone by day and a mature getaway by night.

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