3 Pool Workouts You Need to Try


Did you know that swimming is one of the best exercises you can do to lose weight and improve energy? Spending just an hour in the pool doing laps can burn up to 600 calories! People are beginning to notice the differences in their waistlines that regular swimming comes with, and swimming pool contractors in Berks County are installing more and more pools for consumers looking to start a healthier lifestyle! If you’re looking to start with aquatic workouts, you need to try these top three summer workouts!

  • The double leg lift. This exercise is perfect for toning your abs and legs. Lean your back against the side of the pool, squeeze your abdominal muscles, and lift both of your legs to be parallel with the ground. Repeat about fifteen times a day, and see your strength increase!
  • The paddle kick. Swimming pool builders in Berks County are seeing more and more people using swimming to lose weight – but did you know you can get the cardio benefits without swimming endless laps? To do this exercise, simply hold onto the side of the pool, and do a steady and strong flutter kick underwater for intervals of three to five minutes. And while splashing sure is fun, you’ll increase your leg strength at the same time if you keep your legs underwater for the entirety of the workout!
  • The frog jump. If you’re looking to work your quads and thighs while also increasing flexibility, the frog jump is the exercise for you. Start with your heels together, bottom tucked it, and feet turned out, and slowly bend as far as you can underwater. Then, use your thighs to push as hard as you can to propel yourself out of the water and jump like a frog. If you’re really looking to tone your behind, try challenging yourself to go lower every jump!

Those are three of our favorite pool workouts. Now, get out there and put them to use! At Carlton Pools, we’ll be here waiting when you get back. To learn more about fun with pools, contact us at 888-372-0102 or visit us at https://carltonpoolnnj.wpengine.com/.

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