How to Throw the Ultimate Pool Party This Summer


Swimming is the one summer activity that will probably never go away as long as humans walk (and swim) the earth. Whether it’s at the beach or in your backyard, swimming is pretty much considered to be the ultimate summer activity. So, what if you took that ultimate summer activity and made it even more ultimate?

By that question, we mean throwing the ultimate pool party. At Carlton Pools, we’re a swimming pool company in Berks County, PA, and other local areas, and we take pride in being pool experts. Whether you’re throwing a beginning of summer bash, a graduation party, a birthday celebration, or a Fourth of July extravaganza, look to this guide to help throw a party your guests will never forget.

  • What’s a party without food? We can answer that for you. A party isn’t much of a party if there isn’t food involved. As long as you have your pool to swim in and some food and drinks for guests to refresh themselves with, we’re positive that your party will be a success. Try having a barbecue with hotdogs, hamburgers, snacks, and drinks. We promise that your guests will be happy with the selection.
  • Plan some games! You might not need to play any games because your party is already such a success, but you should have some on hand just in case things start to get slow. Whether you have giant Jenga, board games, pool volleyball, or something else, make sure they’re prepared and ready to go. You can also play fun pool games like Marco Polo and sharks and minnows.
  • Safety first– We may have put this one last, but safety should always come first. Keep a first-aid kit in an easy-to-reach area just in case one of your party-goers needs it. If there are children at your party, have at least one to two designated adults watching them at all times.

Using these tips, you’ll find yourself throwing the pool party of the summer. At Carlton Pools, we’re swimming pool contractors serving Berks County, PA, and the surrounding areas. To learn more about throwing the ultimate pool party this summer, give us a call today at 888-372-0102.

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